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visualosity;; [16 Nov 2020|10:50pm]

my darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal isn't necessarily a virtue? it rather denotes a lack of courage.Collapse )

auCollapse )
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HMD;; VERSE?;; [17 Sep 2020|04:08am]

How's My Driving?!
Love Raven, hate her? Please let me know. Only concrit though - any blatant wank will just be ignored and deleted because that's lame. I love feedback though, so if you got anything for me, post it here. Yeeeeaaahh. :) Thanks.

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ic contact;; ☏ ✉ [12 Dec 2019|12:00am]


( for ataraxion & abaxrpg & betenoire_rp,
and any verses.
please specify. )

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ataraxion [07 Dec 2011|06:27pm]
dflkvjbCollapse )
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abaxmods [18 Nov 2011|09:40pm]
lalalaCollapse )
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[30 Aug 2011|11:13pm]
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sws;; [27 Aug 2011|01:12pm]
I kinda like our code names.
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[13 Aug 2011|01:28am]
smutsmutCollapse )
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[08 Aug 2011|10:19pm]
Wha-? I'm not a spoiled brat.
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[07 Aug 2011|09:14pm]
Going for a run. Come with?
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app to bete noire;; [07 Aug 2011|04:52am]
lalalaCollapse )
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verses;; [04 Aug 2011|03:58pm]
undah the cutCollapse )
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[02 Aug 2011|07:59am]
[Dancing around to The Beatles.] --c'mon!
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[25 Jul 2011|06:34pm]
I kinda like all the training.
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[22 Jul 2011|03:29am]
Grab your wallet, we're going out.
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[18 Jul 2011|05:47pm]
[Lounging around outside, watching the clouds.]
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